Pre-Order The Butterfly Twins

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Pre-Order The Butterfly Twins

Fifth Book in the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series

$24.95 Hardcover.

To be released Spring of 2016

Call 1-800-422-9382 or email


In the fifth book in the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series…

Prehistoric pots worth millions hidden on a high cliff in Wupatki National Monument hold vital clues to prehistoric agriculture and migrations — and to Santa Fe art dealer Charles Bloom’s own future. To ensure his family’s safety, Bloom must uncover the meaning of a pothunter’s plunder, expose an unethical international gallery owner, and solve a thousand-year-old mystery that centers on his Canyon Road art gallery.

Unbeknownst to Bloom, Juan de Oñate’s Santa Fe governorship four hundred years earlier has seemingly unstoppable life-and-death implications for his wife, the Navajo weaver Rachael Yellowhorse. For all to survive, Bloom and Lt. Billy Poh of the Santa Fe Police Department must come to grips with a historical quagmire and stop the cascade of atrocities from landing directly on Bloom’s front porch.

The Butterfly Twins

The Butterfly Twins

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