Paint by Numbers: A Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series – 2nd Edition

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B91075-0416-001coverPaint by Numbers

by Mark Sublette


1st in the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series

Copyright 2016, 2nd Edition


ISBN: 978-0-9861902-6-1

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Summary: Blooms on Canyon Road, specializing in contemporary Native American art, once was a powerhouse gallery in Santa Fe. Then it lost its best-known artist, Willard Yellowhorse. Worse yet was Yellowhorses premature death soon after arriving in New York City under very suspicious circumstances. With Yellowhorses final painting STRUGGLE, about to be sold at auction, gallery owner Charles Blooms inner voice keeps asking two unrelenting questions: how did Willard Yellowhorse really die, and who if anyone killed him?

The answers for Charles lay somewhere deep inside the Navajo nation, Yellowhorses ancestral home. Charles will need the help of Yellowhorses sister, Rachael, and her grandfather, the nearly 100-year-old medicine man Hastiin Sherman, to unlock the key to Yellowhorses death. What Charles Bloom doesnt realize is the evil coyote spirit that tracked down Yellowhorse is still watching and Charles could be next, if he isnt careful….

A Charles Bloom murder mystery set inSanta Fe and Indian Country. Perfect for fans of Tony Hillerman.

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