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Medicine Man Mystery Launch

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Recent News | 0 comments

Cover-Western-Art-Collector-August-2012Published online courtesy Western Art Collector, August 2012

Art lovers and should mark their calendars for the August 16th launch of the crime novel Paint by Numbers by gallery owner Dr. Mark Sublette. Set in Santa Fe and New York City, Paint by Numbers, Sublette’s debut work, will give readers a unique picture of the art dealer’s world — and provide a bit of suspense.

“I’ve always had a fascination about how values go up when artists are no longer around,” Sublette says. “The premise of the murder mystery is set on that little nugget.”

Sublette, who has owned the Medicine Man Gallery on Canyon Road for more than 16 years, has fused a bit of his savvy art business sense and experience with a Hillerman-esque style of fiction, set against the backdrop of the Navajo Nation.

“The most interesting thing that readers will like is that there is an authenticity as my background as an art dealer,” he reiterates, “and one who deals in Native American materials, who loves Native American cultures.

“I’ve known some medicine men and have had interaction with artists who have medicine men as their family members,” he offers. “And I know quite a bit about sandpaintings — I’ve always had an interest in that. The rituals I bring out are close to what happens. I do change a few things because I don’t want it to be too sensitive to the Navajo.”

Charles Bloom, the protagonist who owns a contemporary art gallery on Canyon Road, is faced with the loss of the great protege, Willard Yellowhorse. Years later, Charles, is still trying to come to grips with the loss of a great artist. When Yellowhorse’s final painting, Struggle, is about to be sold at auction, Bloom’s inner voice is shouting with two unrelenting questions: How did Willard Yellowhorse really die? And who, if anyone, killed him?

Paint by Numbers, the first in the Charles Bloom mystery series, will be available in hardcover at museum stores, at the Medicine Man Gallery and website, and in eformat on Kindle, Amazon and Nook.

Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery is located at 602A Canyon Road in Santa Fe. For more information, call 866-894-7451 or visit

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